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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is LAMU in Full?

LAMU is an acronym the stands for Lord's Aid Mission Uganda

2. What is Lord's Aid Mission Uganda?

The Lord's Aid Mission Uganda is a Christian community Based program that was birthed out of the fires of life experience of disadvantaged children in 2006 in the slums of Kasubi.

These transformed lives have become the vehicle through which God touches the secret places of a hurting and wounded world by offering Hope, Empowerment, confidence, Development and charitable Aid manifested through the application of biblical principles

3. What is the mission of Lord's Aid Mission Uganda?

To reveal the glory of Christ and His finished work at the cross through result oriented community centered development programs for sustainable development (2 Corinthians: 4:4)

4. Is Lord's Aid Mission Uganda (LAMU) an Non Government Organization?

Yes, it's a registered Non-Government Organization currently operating in Uganda

5. Is Lord's Aid Mission Uganda a good Organization?

As Christians, LAMU is called to be good stewards of the resources God has given us, and we are very passionate about ensuring who we are.

Every financial process undergoes intensive and continual scrutiny to ensure that funds are properly received, tracked, and managed. We want our program to be effective.

6. How does LAMU work?

The main focus of LAMU's work is providing care for children, evangelism, conducting medical camps, and carrying out charity and outreach programs, all of which are made possible through the generous donations of sponsors - individuals who have chosen to invest in any of these initiatives.

7. How many countries does LAMU work in?

LAMU currently works in one country which is Uganda located in East Africa with zip code of +256

8. What makes LAMU an outstanding organization from other similar organization?

LAMU is distinct from other organizations because we are:
1. Christ-Centered.
Without coercion, we teach the life-changing gospel to every child in a culturally relevant way.

2. Community-Focused.
Our ministry directly engages the community.

3. Church-Based.
We choose to partner with the church as a local group of believers who can teach, train, and mentor children. This is done in partnership with parents and the community.

9. when did LAMU Start?

LAMU started in 2006 in the slums of Kasubi.

10. Do children have to become christians to continue receiving help from LAMU?

No. Children are welcome to participate in a LAMU-assisted children program regardless of their faith. We want children to have the opportunity to see living faith in action, hear the gospel, and be disciplined in the ways of Christ. But neither they nor their families are under any compulsion to become Christians.

11. What specific benefits does the children program get from sponsorship?

The child Program helps children to receive, among other things: the opportunity to hear the gospel and learn about Jesus; regular Christian training; educational opportunities and help; health care, hygiene training, and supplementary food if necessary; a caring and safe Christian environment to grow in self-confidence and social skills; personal attention, guidance and love.

12. What specific benefits does the medical Camp get from sponsorship?

Medical Camp uses funds to;
1. To buy the drugs
2. Buy and hire some medical equipment
3. Doctors' welfare

13. What specific benefits does the evangelism and discipleship get from sponsorship?

Evangelism and discipleship use funds for;
1. Creating Crusades
2. Sound System in worship
3. Welfare for evangelism team

14. What specific benefits does the charity and outreach get from sponsorship?

Sponsors' donations help in;
* Buying Basic needs for people who need help like;
And so much more.

15. Can I visit my sponsored child?

Definitely! We offer pre-planned group sponsor trips and unique custom visits.

16. Where is LAMU's location?

We're located Kasubi-Kawaala @ Glory of Christ Church.

17. How do I contact LAMU?

You can call LAMU on (+256) 704-529-247 or (+256) 789-949-437, Monday through Friday, 7a.m. to 5:30p.m. GMT+3., or send mail to info@lordsaidmissionuganda.org

18. How does sponsoring a program work?

To sponsor a program, you first need to find the program you want to sponsor and then simply fill out the required information such as payment information and contributions.

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