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Lord's Aid Mission Uganda (LAMU)

We are a movement that started with humble beginnings.

We are a community-based organization that pairs sympathetic people living in extreme poverty in order to alleviate spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty.

“ Seeking to know God and make Him known with the capacity to improve structural values, systems, and policies. (Philippians: 3:10).

To reveal the glory of Christ and His finished work at the cross through result-oriented community-centered development programs for sustainable development (2 Corinthians: 4:4).

" A Bridge of Hope " Hand Image

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These transformed lives have become the vehicle through which God touches the secret places of a hurting and wounded world by offering Hope, Empowerment, confidence, Development and charitable Aid manifested through the application of biblical principles.

We focus on:
* Children
* Medical Camps
* Evangelism & Discipleship
* Charity & Outreach

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Our faith in God and in His promises empowers us to be confident. In the face of evil raging around us, we remain hopeful and lift one another's spirits as we go about our mission

We are advocates for the community to Jesus Christ in all that we do:

* We are loving. God's love fuels us, and we unabashedly love one another.
* We are passionate, against injustice and for our cause.
* LAMU is authentic, facing hard realities with an adventuresome spirit.
* We are totally focused on our our mission. Single-minded in our pursuit.
* Our ministry is contextual, customized and culturally relevant. It is effective, proven and outcome driven.

Lord's Aid Mission Uganda

  • Charity & Outreach

    We offer whatever assistance we can to those who are in need.

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