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Three-dimension approach

We are Christ-centered, church-driven and community-focused.

Taken individually each dimension is not unique. However, when taken together with Faith, why we serve, how we serve and who we serve creates a distinct approach to ministry.

1. Christ-centered

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We help the poorest of the poor, the people in greatest need, without ulterior motive because we are a "love thy neighbor" ministry. Jesus' life, teachings and character shape our programs and guide all aspects of our ministry.

From how we work to how we treat people, respect communities and cooperate with nations, our response to a world filled with hundreds of millions of children, youth and elderly living in extreme poverty is to love like Jesus did. Because Jesus is our core, everything we do for the community is meant to reflect God's heart, love and grace.

2. Church-driven

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3. Community-focused

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We are a community-focused organization that serves children, youth, and the elderly. Our primary focus is to assist children with their education. Additionally, we spread the gospel and carry out community outreach programs, including charitable works. We provide free medical care to the community through our medical camps.

Our Commitment to Sponsors and Donors

We have been working tirelessly to help children, youth, and the elderly overcome poverty in the name of Jesus. Our dream is to see that people can tangibly experience God's love and acceptance. Our organization has always been Christ-centered, church-driven, and child-focused, and we are committed to remaining so.

We also commit to continue:

  • Developing Children

    Our programs are designed to develop children holistically, with a focus on their mind, body, and spirit. We prioritize the safety and protection of the children through education and evangelism.

    Emproving Community Health

    We pledge to improve the health of the community members at no cost. Our aim is to see everyone in the community living a healthy and prosperous life, which will make them better individuals in the future.

    Evangelism & Charity

    We will increase our efforts in evangelism and charity, providing assistance to those in need, serving as a humanitarian act, and unmotivated by self-interest.

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